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Roll Out Your Commercial Dream Plan

You have a great business plan. You have recruited your core team. You have lined up or even secure funding sources. You have identified a site location to launch your dream. Now you just need a physical space to roll-out your dream business.

Chisel & Tool is created specifically to serve you for such a time and need. The company is born with the sole mission of empowering American businesses in Southern California by constructing their dream commercial spaces into reality with American ingenuity, integrity, and unsurpassed value. Below are seven (7) essential steps to make your dream space into a reality. Following these steps in sequential order will bring you a step closer toward success and should save you unnecessary headaches and heartaches in the process.

Step 1 : Envision the Function Step 2 : Layout / Floor Plan Step 3 : Space Facade / Shopfront and Elevation Step 4 : Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) ; Structure (If Necessary) Step 5 : Local Government Approval Step 6 : Construction Phase Step 7 : Post-Construction Maintenance In subsequent writings, in-depth details of each step will be revealed. Chisel and Tool’s upcoming articles will discuss how to envision the function of your commercial project and guide to hiring the right independent contractor for your needs.


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